Excellence Through Passion

Experience a unique concept in advanced continuing dental education. IDEA is different: you learn one to one with world renowned faculty. Get inspired by this personal way of teaching. IDEA is the only academy which limits its class size to 16 participants. Success comes from DOING. Upgrade your skills through intense hands-on courses in our cutting edge facility. You will return to your office with confidence that forever changes the way you practice.

Our goal is to offer pure dental education at its highest level. More than 4000 participants from all over the world have experienced IDEA’s personal way of first class education. We love what we do and you will love what you get out of our courses. From the first contact, IDEA takes care of you – call us, immerse in our unique world of advanced dental education and grow beyond your expectations.

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IDEA stands for Interdisciplinary Dental Education Academy. IDEA also stands for ‘Hear it. See it. Do it.’ – Because we know the importance of Hands-on training.

From general practitioner to specialist—all courses are designed to allow every participant to progress at their own pace. This is possible to the unbeaten course size of 16 participants—the clear advantage of IDEA’s education program. Our created learning environment establishes a mentoring relationship between world renowned instructors and participants.


Experience intense Hands-on training in IDEA’s state-of-the-art simulation laboratory. Our course program meets the specific needs of all dental professionals. And this enables them to return with a high confidence in the newly developed skills. It is our goal to empower you to drive your practice forward. And very important IDEA is privately owned. We pay all of the instructor honorariums. Only this guarantees ‘pure teaching’. In a very short time, high-level dentistry all around the world has recognized the uniqueness of IDEA.


Each participant has a fully-equipped lab station and receives immediate and constant feedback and guidance from a world renowned instructor. Hands-on is our base, therefore our custom built lab represents the highest standard of equipment and is combined with:

  • Live Demonstration Operatory for interaction during procedures
  • Multimedia Classrooms with any imaginable modern AV equipment
  • Imaging Center with the latest 3D technology


Relax and enjoy excellent meals and make friends from all over the world. Our aim is to turn advanced dental education into a truly special experience. IDEA Hospitality goes far beyond course activity. Your course package includes hotel and transportation. You only have to book your flight. From the first contact on IDEA takes care. Share with us experience, expertise and excellence and enjoy learning in a new and unexpected way.


IDEA is well known for its outstanding high satisfaction rate in all areas:

  • World renowned faculty
  • Small group size and interaction
  • Cutting edge facility and equipment
  • Outstanding service
  • Warm hospitality

...are only some of the mentioned highlights from participants. Just by reading a couple of IDEA’s testimonials you get inspired how we live our philosophy and passion to offer the highest level of continuing dental education.


IDEA’s history is a tribute to the partners and their team, whose passion for dentistry transformed the vision of excellence into reality. We educate dentists and dental technicians with integrity, excellence, and diligence. We fulfill the highest market expectations as we are driven by dentists for dentists and dental technicians. The IDEA team guarantees you a successful, joyful and unforgettable experience.

We are The Leading Academy.